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Télétravail - Temporairement en raison de la COVID-19




  • Carry out technical delivery (programming) to reflect change requests and evolution, according to functional analysis and software specifications, by adding or modifying the source code in the client’s computing environment.
  • Perform the required programming to correct anomalies introduced by new developments or reported by system users or other asset management team resources
  • Ensure the quality of the source code and its maintenance
  • Perform unit testing in computer environments
  • Following testing, perform changes and corrections in different computing environments
  • Write technical specifications and documentation for task units
  • Participate in code reviews
  • Assist the testing and asset deployment teams for third-level support
  • Analyze queries from the testing and deployment teams
  • Assist application users when queries are escalated by Customer Service. This includes participating in the replication, investigation, and resolution of incidents and problems that may occur in production, as well as responding to requests for information from institutions, following up on queries, and documenting them in the IT service management tool
  • Adjust applications to improve their efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Make adjustments resulting from changes to the current technology infrastructure or the implementation of new releases or patches
  • Maintain RSIPA source code in its assigned technology environment, in accordance with best practices.
  • Using the development tools employed by the client, and following best practices, ensure the preservation, organization, and numbering of all modifications and additions to the source code in a versioning system, as well as the introduction of new practices that facilitate development and minimize the introduction of errors.
  • Optimize application performance


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