Software Administrator - Packager - Intermediate

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This role is responsible for designing, installing, configuring, administering, tuning, and optimizing system software and related components to achieve high availability and performance of the various business applications supported.


Mandatory skills:

  • 5-7 years experience within a Technical Support environment



  • This person will be able to package s/w using install shield, powershell, trouble shooting capabilities, knowlege of sccm, admin studio
  • Be able to corodantwith end user for signoff and aporval
  • Good commucation skills, english/french speaking 
  • Work well in a team setting

We will need to add another packager for App Factory - the offset of Wk Station being repurposed - extra work in both packaging and admin work is being off loaded to the packaging team. The queue is currently backlogged and we need to address not only this but antipacate an increase in demand as we remove Admin rights from users.

We anticipate a marked increase in packaging requests as we tackle shadow IT and as we start to implement our priveleged access solution - these will markedly reduce the number of end user who currently have local admin right on their machine (3k users) and will consequently increase the number of packaging requests - we would like to see this resource with experience in app virtualization as well - in order to tramp up this practice to get ready for EUCV.


  • Ensure system software availability and performance
  • Plan and execute Backup and archiving schedule
  • Provide system software documentation
  • Forecast system software usage and growth
  • Define operating procedures
  • Provide System software performance report


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