Asset Management Coordinator - Intermediate

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This role is responsible for tracking assets throughout their life-cycle from procurement to disposal. It performs asset management reviews and audits for assets that fall under the scope and responsibility of I&T department, ensuring consistency and compliance with policies, procedures, and workflow guidelines. This includes proactively developing asset management standards and performance improvement goals, monitoring to ensure success, following up on quality gaps and data integrity issues and ensuring resolution and future compliance.

This role also is a leveraged position that may be involved in procurement, and receiving activities for hardware and software. This includes evaluating asset requests, purchasing or leasing assets, receiving and reconciling shipped goods with purchase orders, evaluating the condition of goods on receipt, and coordinating delivery of the goods to the requesting entity or inventory store. 


  • Highly motivated and adaptable
  • Experience with HPSM or ITSM
  • Posses excellent communication and organizational skills
  • Fluently bilingual English and French (Read and write)
  • At ease with MS Excel (pivots)
  • 3-5 years.


  • Respond to various internal inquiries/requests
  • Maintain inventory in asset tracking tool. From initial PC upload to assignment and disposal
  • Assist with PC asset life cycle (acquisition, deployment and disposal)
  • Provide various spreadsheet reports
  • Maintain documentation relating to processes and procedures 
  • Demonstrates a working or functional proficiency level which enables the competency to be exercised effectively (has working or functional command of the competency)
  • Strong understanding of workflow processes with the ability to recommend changes to existing processes
  • While ensuring inventory levels, license compliancy, participating in vendor sourcing strategies and ensuring vendor commitments are attained
  • Good communication and planning skills, motivated, business awareness of I&T needs and requirements
  • Coordination of potential deployment requirements, while over seeing vendor deliveries & compliance and working autonomously under general direction.


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