Senior Change Management Specialist

Starting date


This role is responsible for facilitating the rapid and effective adoption of new processes and technologies across the organization. This typically involves an assignment to a project and working with business sponsors and key business stakeholders to identify the requirements for change management support. It includes understanding and applying appropriate change management interventions for a given client environment, conducting impact assessments, evaluating results and presenting findings in a logical and easy-to-understand manner and developing targeted change management plans: communications, sponsorship, coaching, training and acceptance management. It also involves addressing all communication, training and end-user support requirements, and assisting in the development of or developing a change management strategy based the needs of the project, the details of the change and the groups being impacted by the change.


  •  Have more than 7 years of change management experience
  • Experience in implementing SAP or ERP projects related to Transport logistics, Supply Chain Management and Procurement is an asset
  • Strong experience in implementing business solutions where technology is required
  • Experience building change strategies and plans (communication, training, deployment, site readiness)
  • Experience in leading teams whether change management teams or has had a position to lead and influence the business
  • Strong experience & knowledge in change management approaches & methodologies
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills (verbal and written) in English required
  • Be a great team player and have leadership skills
  • Occasional traveling required


  • Assess change management requirements for projects deploying new, or improved, technologies.
  • Define high-level approach for change management
  • Provide labour and material estimates for delivering the change management component of a project
  • Perform detailed audience analysis and organization impact analysis. This includes risk assessment, role mapping/access and software/hardware usage assessments. These deliverables are completed in conjunction with project/business stakeholders
  • Develop sponsorship, communications, training and business engagement strategies
  • Develop labour relations strategy, if needed. Determine key performance metrics, business readiness and competency measures
  • Develop detailed communication and training curriculum and build related materials
  • Engage and guide the key business stakeholders to actively lead or support the adoption of the change
  • Execute communications to build awareness, understanding and buy-in for change and conduct business readiness assessment
  • Prepare trainers, coordinate logistics, deliver training and evaluate effectiveness


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