Senior Architect Integrateur

Starting date


The PDS Integration Specialist (IS) is part of a highly customer-facing group that provides post-delivery technical support to customers, contributing to the company’s goal.

Combining the chance to gain experience and acquire new expertise on varied systems, with the opportunity to apply knowledge, ingenuity, and creativity to solve problems and tackle new challenges in the ever-changing landscape of customer support, the role of the IS offers flexibility, professional growth and networking throughout the world-wide network of training centres and customer base.




  • Bachelor's degree in Engineering or Computer Sciences.


Other qualifications

  •  Strong software background.
  •  Resourcefulness, initiative, good interpersonal skills and ability to work under pressure.
  •  Willingness to travel.
  •  Ability to adapt to new environments.
  •  Ability to learn quickly.
  •  Willingness to work irregular hours.
  •  Bilingualism in both French and English is required.
  •  Technical expert of a simulator system.


  • Address open snags/SPRs through a variety of means.
  •  Address software and hardware issues on simulators that are post RFT.
  •  Perform investigations to isolate problems.
  •  Implement engineering s/w changes.
  •  Set up and coordinate efforts to address issues using remote support.
  •  In collaboration with the Customer Service Department, act as the key technical specialist in coordinating and deploying efforts to address open issues with Engineering.
  •  Participate in short term trips to customers for specific problem solving. 


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